Beginner Yoga Classes in Rishikesh Dehradun

We recommend you start with the beginner courses. You will learn little by little the necessary positions for the development of strength and flexibility; breathing exercises to improve your vitality and physical, mental and spiritual relaxation techniques. Small groups with personalized attention and in a fixed schedule. The courses include an introduction to the five principles of yoga. For a suitable start in your yoga practice, we recommend doing levels 1, 2 and 3. You will also get a gift as a bonus for a free normal class for each level.

From the first class, you will start to master asanas. Asanas in yoga classes are called postures, of which there are a great many, but it is necessary to begin, as it should be from the basics. Despite the relatively small load, you will not be bored. You will not only know what yoga is, learn how to use all sorts of auxiliary materials and watch your body. At this stage, it is essential to correctly and accurately perform all the exercises, and when you attend classes, teachers will carefully monitor and prompt you, give actual advice, answer all your questions, explain in detail how to perform poses.

Prolonged exposure to yoga in a posture enhances its effect not only on the muscles, joints, and ligaments but also on the internal organs, systems and even cells, emotional state, and mind. During practice, the body becomes not only stronger and more flexible, but also more symmetrical and even.

Beginner yoga classes should be under the supervision of a professional specialist who will monitor the performance and posing poses. Only correctly performed poses give the desired result. This fact is one of the downsides of yoga at home. This system helps to create a strong bond of trust and dedication between teachers and students and facilitates a smooth flow and correct knowledge of the teachings. Staying at the ashram for four weeks also helps students leave aside outside distractions, concentrate completely and learn using their full potential.

The course is made in such a way as to respond to the needs of those who are preparing to teach, as well as those who want to deepen their knowledge of yoga as a personal journey. Therefore this intensive course provides a solid foundation for beginners and opens up new horizons for more experienced practitioners.

In this training we will be continuously followed in practice, refining our technique of observation and correction, so that we can experience the correct alignment on ourselves, perceiving yoga in all its aspects, even the most subtle ones.

Personal practice will also be supported with sequences provided by the teaching staff to improve day after day.

Beginner Yoga Classes in Rishikesh Beginner Yoga Classes in Rishikesh Beginner Yoga Classes in Rishikesh Beginner Yoga Classes in Rishikesh